Blast Field

The great war saw the use of assets on a scale that began to effect the war; assets won battles and many wondered if they could win the war. The nations of the world sought arm themselves with new and more powerful assets.

At the start of the last century developments in science and math hinted at an unseen world of unimaginable power. Anders Brevich, a pioneer in the study of quantum fields, proposed the use of bioelectricity to control the generation of energized quantum fields. He promised the facist rulers of Brandenburg soldiers protected by glowing screens of energy that could atomize armored targets with a mere thought.

Brevich was given a state of the art laboratory and access to a prison camp for his experiments. In the desperate later years of the war he killed untold prisoners in failed surgeries, dozens of his staff in high energy incidents and destroyed multiple facilities. When the FSC liberated the prison he controlled six officers resigned their commission in protest. FSC army intelligence took Brevich from a firing squad and set up in the same FSX laboratories that had produced atomic weapons.

The FSC called its assets blast field operatives. The first generation were impervious to small arms fire. Their energy beams could destroy tanks. Soon after, improved models could sustain the fields for hours, fly long distances and augment their own strength and speed. Before the end of the cold war Brevich’s results were copied and a half dozen programs existed throughout the world. Still, a single asset cost as much as a warship.

At the end of the cold war few of the assets survived. Most had died in combat or by the horrific illness that the new powers caused. The programs were shelved and the expertise moved into the private sector. On 9/11, a few contractors remained that could produce blast field assets and they had used the peacetime lull to make the process cheaper and the assets more powerful.

As the need for assets increases, blast field assets are seen as the gold standard. Their increasing numbers are an ill omen for a peaceful world.

Blast Field

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