Session 0

it beats walking

A strategic assault on a guarded warehouse came to an explosive end thanks to clever positioning and teamwork. The players were inserted near a warehouse in the outskirts of Al Was. Their mission was to intercept an unnamed VIP before his or her arrival at a distant warehouse.

After insertion the team spread out. Ludwig infiltrated the fenceline of the warehouse, raising some suspicion from the guards and hasselhoff took up a position on the cliff. Kyrie headed towards the highway, spotted the incoming caravan and, ultimately, hitched a ride on the escorting humvee.

Once the caravan rounded the final curve, Zeus grabbed the SUV carrying the VIP. Kyrie infiltrated the moving humvee, assassinating the driver and a passengers. Ludwig cut a gooey swath through the remaining guards in warehouse. Hasselhoff beheaded the point guard on the roof.

Two Blast Field assets flew from the flying SUV and began strafing Minuteman and Zeus, dodging their shots. After dropping the SUV, Zeus managed to capture both the asset guard and the SUV’s escaped driver in an entangle.

Diving off his cliff face, Hasselhoff put an unaimed shot through the trapped asset’s temple. Minuteman took out the driver with a close range cannister shot. Kyrie continued to hack apart the guards in the humvee. The one escapee, after busing her badly with a grenade, ended up plastered by ludwig. Hassellhoff managed to drop the other asset with a well placed shot.

After the battle the players examined the warehouse. It was empty, except for a single shipping crate. It held a strange system, a wide platform with a complex computer system. After a quick hack job, Hasselhoff found it had access to satelites on a protocol that he had never seen. It also had some relatively simple geographic data that was heavily encrypted. Hassellhoff copied the data onto a portable drive.

The assets were not uniformed military and carried militia flags and Ibrahimi holy books. They had surgical scars. The guards were a combination of security and special forces wearing unlabeled tactical gear and standard, but high-end armaments.

The VIP was prince Aziz bin Hejaz, in line for the control of the Al Was emirate. When asked, why were you coming here, the prince responded “because I had no other place to go…” then clammed up.


Joerunge Joerunge

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